HERITAGE STUDY PROGRAMS PRESENTS: An advanced bible study program and a fact finding expedition to Israel, focusing on the status of Jerusalem and the region’s security & defense.


Dear friend,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join us on a most unique tour and a fact finding expedition to Israel - May 5-15, 2014.

In conjunction with Dr. Ron Wexler and the Heritage Study Programs, we will be heading a bible study program and an expedition that focuses on and offers unique insights into the region's current events.  We heartily invite and welcome you to what will be a most informative and exciting experience.

We will have on location advanced biblical study program with top Jewish and Christian scholars. We will also focus on the status of Jerusalem and the region's security and defense.

Of course we will also walk in the footsteps of Jesus and will visit all the biblical and historical Christian and Jewish sites, including the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, the Sea of Galilee, the stations of the cross, Mt Zion, Mt. of Olives and much more.  You will experience the bible come alive before your very eyes!

Please join us and other experts from Israel and the US in an unprecedented opportunity to learn and explore Israel in the way you never thought possible.

The mission will include informative meetings and on location panel discussions that we as well as others will lead and narrate. You will meet with local leaders, academics, policy makers and members of the security & defense community.

This will be a fascinating fact-finding expedition and a tour of Israel.

We hope to see you all with us, this will be a life time experience.

God bless you,